A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Instructions: play with [A] and [D] keys, you get it

A two-button simulation game using Unity in the style of early Japanese arcade games. The setting of this game is inspired by 2009 Japanese arcade game Super Table Flip (超・ちゃぶ台返し) in which a low table is slammed and subsequently thrown into the air. Camera and water surface shake is achieved using random perturbations to a spring & damper model popular in mechanical engineering, while a mix of vignetting and chromatic abberation are used to add detail to the scene. The background used is a photo of Izakaya Tomo (Edmonton, Alberta; credits).

Open source. Ready build at https://fredriclam.github.io/game.html.

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip and run TableSlam_Windows.exe

Mac: Unzip and start \Contents\MacOS\BuildMac

Alternatively, compile it yourself in Unity using source.


TableSlamSource.zip 206 MB
BuildMac.zip 34 MB
TableSlam_Windows.zip 19 MB


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