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Controls: ENTER, QWER, Arrow keys.

You are an aspiring musician seeking greatness. Thus, you have decided to set out on a journey across time and space to meet the great masters. 

You must dominate each of their musical style in a grand battle to hone your own talents and skills.

You will travel through the world (generated randomly) and enter battle against the musical masters you come across. When that happens, you will be placed on a musical grid that is constantly being showered by music notes. You must move around the grid with the arrow keys to dodge the incoming notes. 
You will take damage if you get hit by a music note! 
Show the masters your skills by playing the notes by pressing the keys Q-W-E-R at the right time when the corresponding note arrives at the bottom of the screen. This will do damage to the master.
To defeat the enemy, you must lower their health to 0. Beware, you will take damage if you press the wrong keys or if you press them at the wrong time. 
If your own health hits 0, it's game over.

May you be victorious.

Graphics: Yue Yang, Catherine Van

Programming: Wai Lau, Fredric Lam, Ricardo Liganor

Music: Olivia Chan, Artem Mikhalitsin


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